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25 January 2007 @ 02:56 pm
No Self Control - Spike S7 Vid  
Title: No Self Control
Characters: Spike
Pairings: None
Song & Artist: No Self Control by Peter Gabriel
Format: WMV
Warnings: There's plenty of neck biting and lots of 'insane in the basement'.
Summary/Notes: Not only does Spike have the guilt package from the newly acquired soul to contend with, the First Evil is also giving him a hard time. He has no self control.

Right click save as here http://www.buffyandangelart.co.uk/vids/controlsml.zip - small 14megish
or http://www.buffyandangelart.co.uk/vids/controlmed.zip - the bigger picture 28mB

Working on an imeem stream & will add asap.
ETA Imeem stream link, best left to buffer first. http://thedothatgirl.imeem.com/video/4KGrxDh3/btvs_noselfcontrol/?ct=fwuwfF

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